Stay In Hot Water

Stay In Hot Water
Know Your Air and Water No 1

We all want our hot water when we want it. And while hot water heaters are among the most reliable devices we live with, it still makes sense to check them out from time to time to be sure you’ll be in hot water when you want to be.

Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, keep the setting on the temperature dial at or below the suggested Factory Energy Savings Setting shown on the heater. A temperature setting above this level will produce excessive wear on the water heater and the danger of scalding.

If you have a gas heater, check the burner from time to time. If the flame at full fire is orange or yellow, the gas pressure or the air flow needs to be adjusted. Also, check for dust or sediment around the burner. Call your local professional licensed plumber if when gas fired any of these things need attention.

All domestic water heaters must be equipped with a relief valve by law as a safety measure to prevent damage from excessive pressure and temperature. There is always the possibility that this valve could become frozen or corroded because of not being used for a long time.  So it's a good idea for you to trip the lever every two or three months to “exercise” the valve to be sure that it will operate freely if the need arises. If you sense that the valve is not functioning properly, call your plumber to replace it.

Water heaters must be installed in a well ventilated area or outside ventilation must be provided in order to have the proper amount of oxygen for proper combustion.

Note: When folks remodel there basement they tend to in enclose the furnace and Hot water tank.

Remember, too, that gas water heaters have an open flame inside, so be careful not to store gasoline or other flammables (even in fuel tanks of lawn mowers or leaf blowers) near a gas water heater, furnace or other sources of possible ignition.

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