Bathroom Care Files

  • When trying to clear a clogged bathtub drain, place a heavy cloth in the bottom of the bathtub so your shoe soles won't scratch the bath's enameled surface.
  • A clogged trap in a toilet is a ticklish problem, so be careful with whatever method you use for cleaning the drain.
  • Toilet tanks and bowls are made of vitreous china and are impervious to ordinary household acids.
  • In new homes and when remodeling, the Illinois Plumbing Code now requires the use of pressure balanced bath/shower valves to prevent scalding.
  • Today, most faucets can be categorized as being "washerless" (port-type faucets) or of the "compression" (washer) type.
  • Chrome plating is a hard and durable finish that requires little attention except for the occasional washing with soap and water.
  • Modern bathtubs and showers can be made from a myriad of materials ranging from the conventional enameled cast iron and steel, to fiberglass, acrylic, and man-made materials such as cultured marble.
  • The same precautions mentioned for kitchen sink care pertain to bathroom sinks.

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