Lead Safety Brochure
PCA Consumer Lead Brochure
The PCA and the Illinois PHCC have collaborated to develop a new brochure on lead safety in drinking water. It explains what consumers can do to reduce their exposure to lead in their home; offers advice on hiring licensed plumbing contractors to test the lead in water systems; provides helpful industry website links; and includes a consumer acknowledgement and release form for our contractors to keep for their own records.
Download the Brochure by clicking here.
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Safety Manual
PCA Revised Company Safety Manual
Take advantage of the Plumbing Council's completely updated Company Safety Policy Manual. This document is available as individual "chapter" PDF files and/or editable "Word" files to insert your company name.
To obtain access to any of the safety manual files, click the link below. Once on the document page, you will need to Login or "Create an account" and accept the disclaimer.
Download the Safety Manual here
Plumbing Council Hazcom
Free Hazcom Training
Still Available
While the deadline to comply with OSHA's revised Hazard Communication Standard training which aligns with the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) may have ended, the PCA Midwest and the Plumbing Council Midwest will continue to host our FREE Hazcom Training presentation online for new hires and anyone who still needs to obtain certification.
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Plumbing Council Mission
The Plumbing Council & Our Contractors
Our mission is to help you locate the plumbing services you need. Be they repair, construction or installation services, locating the right plumbing contractor for you is the goal of our organization.
Based on your needs, location and contractor ratings, we’ll provide you with referrals for high-quality Chicago and suburban area contractors.
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Plumbing Council Codebook
PCA Regional Code Book
The 2016-17 edition is a completely updated and revised REGIONAL CODE BOOK (which now includes Chicago and unincorporated Cook County codes) and is offered as a Premium Contractor Advantage benefit exclusively available to Plumbing Council (PCA-Local 130 CBA) affiliated and contributing contractors (at no cost), as well as local municipal inspectors working in our jurisdiction.
Click here to access the Code Book
Local 130 CBA


PCA Bargaining Rights Form
PCA Membership Form
Consumer Lead Safety Brochure
Drug Free Program
Download the ScreenSafe booklet.

Why Join the PCA?

Now, more than ever, solidarity by signatory contractors benefits all who belong. By joining in an association with your peers, the PCA provides you with a forum for voicing your concerns and an opportunity to increase your knowledge of the plumbing industry.

For over 130 years, the PCA continues to lead the way in serving, educating and promoting highly qualified, licensed and bonded union contractors in the Chicago and surrounding suburban markets.

Together with the Plumbing Council, we represent and promote signatory plumbing contractors in Northern Illinois (17 counties) with service, education, advocacy, safety, peer to peer networking and much more. Accept no substitutes, and remember: your business is our business.

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