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Lead Pipe
Lead Pipe - Water Safety
The public outcry for water safety in Flint, Michigan has focused the nation's attention on the issue of lead pipe replacement and public safety concerns in relation to potable water. The PCA and Plumbing Council and its allied organizations are striving to educate consumers about the need for highly trained and certified plumbing professionals to perform lead pipe and fixture change outs when needed. Click on the links below to read related articles on this subject matter.
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NBC Report: Flint Water Crisis
Safe Plumbing.Org Report: Lead Pipes in Homes
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We know the importance of hiring licensed, union-trained plumbers to take special care of your home and office plumbing needs.
The Plumbing Council Midwest is committed to putting you in contact with a contractor whose apprentices have taken part in an intense five-year training program. You’ll have peace of mind and the comfort of knowing that your home and office will be safe from harm’s way.
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Know the Facts:
Illinois Plumbing Licensing Law
Illegal plumbing contractors drain local homes and businesses of proper safety. Continuing education is required each year by the State of Illinois for plumbers to renew their plumbing license.
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Checklist for Hiring a Plumbing Contractor
Homeowners Checklist
Many homeowners view hiring a tradesman for home repairs or improvements to be a painful process. Verifying the few simple items listed here will help you to eliminate dubious contractors, and raise your confidence level in the professional you select.
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