Maintenance – Cooling

Is the condenser coil clean? If not, read the instructions that came with your air-conditioner on how to clean the coil, or call a technician. Do not attempt to clean the condenser without turning off the power.

Once every month it is a good idea to go out and remove any built-up leaves and debris from around the bottom and sides of the unit. Trim bushes and other vegetation at least 12 inches back from the air-conditioner. Do not build sheds or roofs over the air-conditioner. Finally, during the unit's off cycle, spray off the coils with a garden hose. (This may be a little difficult if you have a package unit mounted on the roof.)

If you have small children or pets, build an open fence around the air-conditioning unit with a gate for service accessibility.

If you have pine trees or oak trees near the air-conditioner, you may want to place something over the air-conditioner in the winter season. Do not cover the air-conditioner completely. If you do place something over the air-conditioner, make sure you remove it before turning the air-conditioner on. It is recommended that you turn the circuit breaker(s) for your central air-conditioning off during the heating season. Remember to turn on the circuit breaker prior to starting your central air-conditioning system for the summer.

Is there ice on the pipes at the evaporator coil (the indoor portion of the air-conditioner)? If there is, turn off the unit and call a technician.

Warning: Do not set the thermostat below 68 degrees. This can cause a multitude of problems with your air-conditioner, including freezing up.

Make certain to turn off the humidifier for the summer cooling season.


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