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IDOL Certified Payroll Reporting Process Not Ready
On January 15, 2019, Governor Pritzker signed Public Act 100-1177 which amended Illinois’ Prevailing Wage Act (the "Act") in many ways. One noteworthy amendment to the Act is the requirement that the Illinois Department of Labor develop an online database for contractors to use to submit certified payrolls. The Department of Labor’s online certified payroll submittal site is now live at www2.illinois.gov/idol/Laws-Rules/CONMED/Pages/certifiedtranscriptofpayroll.aspx. Currently, this portal will only accept manual submissions.   

The following instructions are per IDOL:
If a contractor uses a software program to track, run, and file their certified payroll – we would encourage you to continue your normal practice and file with the public body in charge of the project until further notice from the Department of Labor.  If a prevailing wage contractor does not use a software program to file their certified payroll - they must file in our portal.  We are working on the ability to upload large amounts of data for payrolls, but it is not ready yet. 

IDOL updates on the status of this process will be posted to the IDOL website: https://www2.illinois.gov/idol/Laws-Rules/CONMED/Pages/prevailing-wage-act.aspx 

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