Do I need to provide customers a copy of the “Home Repair: Know Your Rights” pamphlet prior to the execution of any home repair and remodeling contract, and are there any specific language changes added to this pamphlet for 2019?

Yes. Illinois law has required for many years that for any contract over $1,000, any person engaging in the business of home repair and remodeling shall provide to its customers a copy of the “Home Repair: Know Your Rights” pamphlet prior to the execution of any home repair and remodeling contract. The consumer shall sign and date an acknowledgement form entitled “Consumer Rights Acknowledgement Form” and the contractor, or his representative, shall also sign and date the form, which includes the name and address of the home repair and remodeling business. The acknowledgement form shall be in duplicate and incorporated into the pamphlet. The original form shall be retained by the contractor and the duplicate copy shall be retained within the pamphlet by the consumer. For contracts for $1,000 or under, the contractor must provide the customer the pamphlet, but does not need to execute the written acknowledgement form.

Illinois House Bill (HB) 4268 made changes to the “Home Repair: Know Your Rights” pamphlet to include language informing the customer of their right to request lien waivers from the contractor. The bill was signed into law on August 3, 2018, and becomes effective on January 1, 2019. Under Illinois law, the homeowner must request – and the con-tractor must provide – a written list of the names and addresses of “all parties furnishing material and labor and the amounts due or to become due to each”. This list, or affidavit, must appear either as part of the contract or in a separate printed statement, and it must contain the following language: “THE LAW REQUIRES THAT THE CONTRACTOR SHALL SUBMIT A SWORN STATEMENT OF PERSONS FURNISHING MATERIALS AND LABOR BEFORE ANY PAYMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE MADE TO THE CONTRACTOR.”

The law also requires every subcontractor listed in the affidavit to notify the homeowner, either personally or by certified letter, when he or she has furnished materials or performed labor on the homeowner’s remodeling project. This notice preserves the subcontractor’s right to put a lien on the property, and it must contain the name and address of the subcontractor or material provider, the starting date of the work performed, the type of work performed or materials provided, and the name of the general contractor who requested the work to be done.

Contractors doing home repair and remodel work must begin using the new pamphlet by January 1. It is available for download from the Office of the Illinois Attorney General at

(Source: Illinois PHCC)

When do I need to renew my Illinois Plumbing Contractor License?

All Illinois plumbing contractors must register with the state and pay an annual fee. Plumbing contractors must maintain minimum general liability insurance, bodily injury insurance, property damage insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.

The Illinois (055) Plumbing Contractor Registration expires on September 30th of each year. Therefore, all Illinois licensed plumbing contractors must provide proof of 4 hours in an approved continuing education course taken after October 1st and before September 30th in the year you are renewing in order to renew their 055 license. Applications can be accessed at

When do I need to renew my Illinois Plumbers License?

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) mails out postcards to all Illinois licensed plumbers in mid-February of each year containing your individual PIN number to renew your license online. Illinois plumber licenses must be renewed by April 30th following the date of issuance via the online IDPH renewal page( In addition, all Illinois Plumbing License holders, must complete 4 hours of C.E. credit by April 30th in the year you are renewing. All C.E. classes must be pre-approved by the IDPH and the class instruction will only be given by or supervised directly by an Illinois licensed plumber. (Note: all PCA Midwest sponsored classes meet this criteria).

When do I need to renew my Chicago Plumbers License?

For Chicago plumbing license holders, renewal must be completed each year on or before the exact date listed on your license. Online license renewal is available from the City of Chicago website ( Make sure to print out a certificate after registering and picture IDs will be sent in the mail shortly after renewing. While 4 hours of C.E. credit is not required to renew the Chicago plumbing license, it should be noted that according to Illinois Law, all Illinois licensed plumbers must provide proof of completing four hours in an approved continuing education course if requested on the job.

How do I change the license holder name on my Illinois Plumbing Contractor Registration?

The answer can be found in the Illinois Plumbing Contractor Registration Code, Section 894.20 (Registration Requirements for Plumbing Contractors). While each plumbing contractor doing business in Illinois must initially register and annually renew with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), they must also report any changes in registration to the IDPH at least 15 days in advance of the change including any changes in the licensed Plumber of Record listed on the registration application. So in order to change the license holder name, make sure to send the following information by regular mail to the IDPH at 525 West Jefferson St., 3rd Floor, Springfield, IL 62761.

1.) A “Plumbing Contractor Application for Registration or Renewal” signed and dated by the new Plumber of Record (POR). Make sure to include the name of the new Plumber of Record, his or her plumbing license number, and the Plumbing Contractor Registration number (055). This application and other necessary forms can be found at

2.) A “Plumbing Contractor Corporation Surety Bond Form” (signed by the new plumber of record and the owner of the company). At least one of these two names must be notarized on “page 2” of the form.

3.) A copy of the filed amendment with the Secretary of State, showing that the POR is in fact a corporate officer.

4.) A $150 check made payable to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Prior to submitting the required documentation, the current POR must submit a signed affidavit in letter format that he/she is no longer the Plumber of Record of said company. The original registration certificate must be attached and mailed to the IDPH. Please note that the company will be inactive while the paperwork is being processed. Questions can be directed to the IDPH at 217-524-0791.

How do I obtain a Dual Bond or Letter of Credit as required in the CBA (UA Plumbers’ Local 130—PCA)?

According to Section 6.8 (Bond Requirements) in the most current UA Plumbers’ Local 130—PCA Union Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), each Employer is required to obtain, maintain in full force and effect, and keep on file with the Union and the Benefit Funds office (respectively) either a dual bond or two separate bonds, or a letter of credit, to secure all monetary obligations pursuant to the number of employees (union plumbers) they hire (as defined in the CBA). All contractors signatory to our CBA (PCA Midwest and Plumbing Council affiliates) shall acquire a wage bond covering wages, assessments, and employee authorized deductions, and savings for 50% of that total, as well as a fringe benefit bond for 50% of the total required bond. In lieu of having two bonds, contractors may acquire a dual bond with separate Liability Limits such that 50% of the dual bond will cover wages, assessments, employee authorized deductions and savings and the other 50% of the dual bond shall cover the remaining fringe benefit funds set forth in the CBA.

In obtaining a dual bond or two separate bonds, contractors should use a reputable surety company which can be recommended from their primary insurance company. If they chose instead to obtain a secure letter of credit, contractors can obtain the bond language from the Union (not the Trust Fund office) and provide it to their bank. The bank will then set up a secure letter of credit and forward the information to the UA Plumbers’ Local 130 office. If choosing this option, make sure to renew the process at least 2 months in advance in order for the bank to provide the necessary documentation to the Union on time.

All of the necessary bond and letter of credit forms and additional requirements can be accessed at under the contractor resources tab.

Can I schedule my plumbers to perform second or even third shift work even if there is not a first shift available?

Yes. According to Section 5.5(b) of the latest contract between the PCA Midwest and UA Local 130, stand-alone shift work is allowed through the normal Monday through Friday work week. However, as the contractor, you will need to notify the union office and our Association prior to the commencement of work. This is crucial to avoid any potential additional audits or Joint Arbitration Board (JAB) hearings. You should also be aware that stand-alone shift work must continue for a period of not less than five consecutive working days. In addition, employees on stand-alone shift work shall be paid fifteen percent above the applicable hourly rate.

For more details including Saturday, Sunday and Holiday pay in reference to stand-alone shift work, refer to the union contract available at

I’m looking to hire a new plumber to perform service work for my company. Can I use the “Residential Service Agreement” to potentially save on my labor costs?

The key words used here are “new plumber.” According to the exact language in the contract, the purpose of the new Residential Service Agreement is to recapture residential service work, for the plumbing industry in the geographic jurisdiction of Local 130. The intent of the Agreement is to organize new members into Plumbers Local 130, U.A. It is not intended for current members to work under this agreement without prior consent from the Business Manager of Plumbers’ Local 130, U.A. Please be aware that this agreement applies to jobbing repair and/or service work that includes the maintenance, service, repair and /or replacement of fixtures, in select buildings (please refer to the contract for specifics).

Am I allowed to use the UA Residential & Light Commercial “Schedule A” rates on any job?

The short answer is yes for new construction, and most likely yes for light commercial “upon approval.” This agreement is intended to recapture residential and light commercial, new construction, renovation and remodeling markets within our jurisdiction. Contractors can use it for the new construction of all types of residences (please refer to the contract for specifics). However for light commercial jobs, contractors must submit a “Project Evaluation Committee Request Form” to both UA Local 130 and our Association on a job to job basis using the form in the agreement for consideration. Approval or rejection will be given within 48 hours of the contractor initiating the request. Please note that use of the “Schedule A” requires contractors to obtain a separate Bond. Please refer to Section 6.8 of the CBA for details.

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