It pays to take care of your plumbing

No part of the house is more important. Nothing in the house is used more often. A smoothly functioning plumbing system is a protection to health and adds to the convenience of modern living.

The sale value of a house with sound plumbing is far greater than that of a house where plumbing is in poor repair.

There are many things that an owner or renter can do; there are many things that should be left to an expert plumbing contractor and his or her staff of journeymen plumbers. Minor repairs should be made promptly. Annoyances such as clogged drains, dripping faucets or leaking flush valves in the toilet are more than a mere bother—they usually waste money. This section suggests remedies for these and many other household plumbing problems.

Major repairs, replacements, and new plumbing installations should be left to the supervision of a plumbing contractor. His or her working methods are based on years of experience, and his or her guarantee is assurance that all materials and methods are of the highest quality. Following the suggestions in this section will help prolong the useful life of your plumbing system. Your plumber will be happy to give you additional hints that apply specifically to your own home.

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