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The Plumbing Council of Chicagoland’s mission is to protect, promote, foster and advance interests of employers and employees engaged in the plumbing contracting and servicing industry.

We engage in public relations programs designed to create a better understanding by the public of the important role the plumbing industry plays in protecting the health of the nation and to encourage greater use of Council contractors by all users of plumbing services including commercial, industrial, institutional and residential purchasers.

We cooperate with public officials and representatives of other organizations on all matters of mutual interest affecting the plumbing industry. We foster and promote better employee/employer relations and strive for optimum efficiency and workmanship in construction methods.

Working with the PCA (Plumbing Contractors Association), the Plumbing Council provides union contractors with a voice in the legislative and political arenas - speaking up for the employers who take on the risks and responsibilities of our skilled trade. 

The Plumbing Council also has a long history of charitable and community involvement, making a real difference when needs arise. 

It continually keeps a watchful eye on licensing laws, helping to ensure that only qualified and registered contractors are performing vital work that aims to protect the health and well-being of society.

In addition, the Plumbing Council plays a critical role in providing education to its constituent contractors - from technical know-how and updates on code changes to the latest product innovations and top notch business practices.

Whatever the need, the Plumbing Council has the answers to advance your business and our industry. 

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